How to use

Examples using this library

#Library import
from import Pg

# Initialization of library
pg = Db(dbname='postgres', user='postgres', password='admin', host='localhost', port='5432')

# Get the column names of the specific table

# Get values from specific column of table
pg.get_values_from_column(column='pg_table_col', table='pg_table', schema='public')

# Create schema

# Create column
pg.create_column(column='col_name', table='pg_table', col_datatype='varchar', schema='public')

# Update column
pg.update_column(column='col_name', value='updated_value', table='pg_table', where_column='where_col', where_value="where_val", schema='public')

# Delete table
pg.delete_table(name='pg_table', schema='public')

# Delete values
pg.delete_values(table_name='pg_table', condition='name=value', schema='public')

Global parameters for most of the functions

The following parameters are the common parameters in most of the functions/methods,

  • schema: If schema is not provided, the function will take the public schema.